Featured Vendor - The Muffin Lady!

* * * Special Note: Those of you who read this post earlier will note a change as Gail has changed her business name from "Grandma Gail's Muffins" to "The Muffin Lady." Same great lady, and same AWESOME Muffins!* * *

  About a year ago Gail was challenged, (A dare really) by her husband that she couldnt make a better muffin than the ones they had just eaten. Gail took him up on that "Bet" and for months tinkered with an old popular recipe called the "Morning Glory Muffin"

  Finally she fell upon the best balance of ingredients, sweetness, texture, and moisture to create a muffin or rare taste and character. When presented to her husband, he agreed that she had won the "Bet" and Gails Morning Glory Muffin was born.

   Not willing to rest on her laurels and having fun in the process Gail has created a little business for herself making and selling these muffins to a soon-to-be eager public. (she certainly has a fan in this author!)

  At the market you'll find Gail and her daughter and a growing selection of muffins, each one made to fill that missing spot on your tastebuds! Her selection now includes; Orange-Cranberry, Chocolate-Chocolate chip, and Blueberry in addition to the Morning Glory muffin.

  She is also involved in constant research to develop her next knock-out muffin. When I spoke to her recently she had a couple of new recipies she is still tweaking but promise to be great new additions to her tasty cadre.

  Be sure to mention to Gail you saw her feature here!




Featured Vendor of the Week - Smith Farm Products & Nursery

Dennis Smith is one of our newest vendors and a grower of fine heirloom and hybrid tomato plants. If you have a flair for growing your own tomatoes or just want to try your hand at growing some varieties that are sure to please both the eyes and palate. 

   Stop by the market this weekend and take a few plants home and in a couple of months you'll be enjoying some of summers finest flavors and colors.







Featured Vendor of the Week - Evelyn Rose Products

Heather, creator of Evelyn Rose Products  This week's featured vendor, Evelyn Rose Products will be enjoying its 4th summer at the Dallas Farmer’s Market.  Evelyn Rose Products was founded by Heather Drake out of desperation when she realized that her little girl, Evie, suffered from terrible eczema.  The products at the store only seemed to aggravate Evie’s condition.  So Heather decided to learn how to make soap so she could treat the eczema.  After friends and family saw how well little Evie’s skin responded, a small business was born.

  All of Evelyn Rose Products are 100% natural and made from scratch.  Heather makes everything out of her kitchen in the Paulding County side of Douglasville.  In keeping with the local food/merchant movement, she uses as many local ingredients (raw goat’s milk, raw honey from Bill’s Bee Farm, unrefined beeswax, and heavy whipping cow’s cream) as possible, grows some of her own herbs.  She also uses only natural essential oils, mineral pigments, and clays in her products so you can feel safe using them on your entire family.  She also says if there is something she doesn’t make, feel free to ask if she can make it for you since she also does special orders.

  Heather will be taking her maternity leave this July, but says the market managers, Michael and Eddie, will keep a small selection of her soaps on hand.  She also said if you need something besides the soaps, please email her (, and she will be happy to work out a way to get these to you.

Since Heather changes the products and soap scents seasonally, there is always something new at the Evelyn Rose tent.  She says feel free to stop by and sample her offerings. Also visit her website:


Featured Vendor of the Week - by Dana

Dana and Mike Gerard are new bakers at The Dallas Farmers Market this year. They have new wholesome bread items, including homemade sourdough, cheddar and jalapeno and wheat bread. They also have English muffins, bagels, and danish.

Mike also brings hydroponic lettuce to the market. The romaine, bibb, red oak, and mirata lettuce are so tender and bursting with fresh green flavor, all with no pesticides or preservatives.

You should try the homemade toasted ravioli. It is a semolina and flour pasta, stuffed with a beef and vegetable mix, dipped in milk, coated with sourdough breadcrumbs and Italian herbs, frozen and ready for you to cook.

Their ready-to-bake pizza is wonderful with their own St. Louis-style "pizza cheese." The cracker crust is so thin. Come and meet Dana and Mike this Saturday. 


Visit their website at


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