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Its all about the Corn, Greenbeans, Tomatoes, Squash...

Hi friends,

  The growers are here in force and there is plenty to go around! Mr Hurst has the first Okra fo the season today!

   Now don't let the name fool you, Ratlesnake beans wont bit you but puting a bite on them is really worth the effort. Good flavor and fun striped look to them. Culver farms had them in quantity to try!

  There is still time to come out and get some delicious corn-on-the-cob! I had some last week and went straight home and cooked it up and some of the tenderest, sweetest corn ever. All our growers were up extra early this mornig picking to it is truly tht freshest you can get without growing it yourself!

  Here are a few views of whats available:




There's still time....

...to get your hands on some fresh picked corn, green beans, rattlesnake beans, and all your favorites are here too. Come on out!

Here is Todays rundown:

Culver Farms

Rattlesnake  green beans.
Fingerling potatoes.
Sweet corn.

Warren Family Garden
Golden queen corn.
Green beans.
Strawberry jam.
Blueberry jam.
Blackberry jam.

Walravens Farm
Farm fresh eggs.
Crookneck squash.
Burpless cucumbers.
Muscadine jelly.
Blueberry jam.

Pear preserves.
Pineapple jam.
Muscadine jam.
Roasted red pepper spread.
Peach butter.
Apple butter.
Strawberry banana jam.
Strawberry rhubarb jam.
Scuppernong jam.
Blackberry jam.
Black cherry jam.
Peach melba jam(peachs and raspberry).
Crabapple jelly.
Gingered peach jam.
Bumbleberry jam(blueberry, blackberry,strawberry,raspberry)
Hot dill pickles.
Sandwich pickles.
Bread and butter pickles.
Watermelon rind pickles.
Dill pickle spears.
Corn relish.
Piccalilli(chow chow).
Lentil rice soup mix.
Spiced tea mix.
Scottish Shortbread mix.
Angel biscuit mix.

Mamacakes Cupcakes
A fine variety of specialty cupcakes.

Cookie Misoc
Delectable breads and biscotti.

Bill's Bee Farm
Local wildflower and other types of quality honey.

June 9: Veggie and vendor rundown

Well the weather is holding today and a nice gentle breeze is keeping everyone and everything fresh!

Vernon Walraven has Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Fresh brown Eggs, Muscadine jelly and Blueberry jam!

The Warrens have squash, zuccini, red and white potatoes, green beans, strawberry and blackberry jam.

Mr Hurst has potatoes, squash, tomatoes, peppers, pickle cucumbers, and a variety of preserves

Bill has a nice variety of his honeys

Mr. Rex had more of his famous Egyption Walking onion, greens, and hanging houseplants.

Anne is here with her wonderful preserves, jellies and pickles.

Gladys Misoc, is back with homemade Biscotti, and some sourdough bread. 

MamaCakes Cupcakes Has some great new flavors to try: Try her Strawberry Jam, Sweet Zuccini, and Carmel cupcakes today

The Culvers have White and Blue fingerling potatoes, Tiger pole beans, and squash.

Get out here before they all run out!!


Our growers are here in force

Culver Farms has made their seasonal debut with a great offering of purple and white and purple fingerling potatoes sweet and red onions, pickle cucumbers, zuchini, yellow squash, cabbage,collards, and new this year is home grown and homemade cornmeal!


A beautiful Veggie day!

Live from the Dallas Farmers Market!

Heres a quick rundown of our vendors in attendance:

Warren Family Garden, Swiss Chard, Cabbage, green onion, red potatoes, preserves, and tomato plants.

Mr Hurst is here with a ample supplies of green beans,zuchinni, summer squash, potatoes, and preserves.

Anne, has her jellies, preserves, pickles, spreads and relishes

Smith Farms, tomato plants, squash plants, pepper plants, and other plants to help get your own garden started.

The Muffin Lady is here with her delicious Morning Glory Muffins and an ever changing variety of others!

MamaCakes Cup Cakes, are here with S'mores, and Mocha cupcakes, and homemade chocolate truffles.

Bill's Bees with locally grown Honey

Vernon is here with fresh Eggs and preserves

Sand art, House plants, needle crafts. and more! We're here till 1PM